Stomp the Monster Game

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See who's the best at monster spotting in this snap card game Stomp the Monster from Ridley's Games!

You and your friends are out searching for the elusive Stomp, the Monster. But on your trek, you've lost your batteries and only have one working camera between you all!

The aim of the game is to be the first player to find two batteries and have the camera in front of you to snap a picture of Stomp to win!

As you play, you'll want to try to collect batteries by either getting a double battery card or winning a snap on a numbered card that features batteries on it, as when you do you get to keep that battery card. And each time there is a snap, the camera card moves to the next player. So you'll want to have collected two batteries and have the camera card in front of you when the Stomp card comes up, for if you do, you've won!

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